JYP Entertainment accused of plagiarizing aespa and ATEEZ in NMIXX’s debut song “O.O” and MV of the same name 

Fans are requesting feedback from the company regarding this matter. 


On February 22nd, JYP’s rookie girl group NMIXX was officially launched. High expectations were set for the debut of NMIXX. However, besides compliments for the members’ visuals and talents which have already been showcased through pre-debut promotions, the actual debut title track “O.O” and MV of the same name have been drawing mixed reactions. Particularly, JYP has become the center of controversy over alleged plagiarism in NMIXX’s debut MV. 


In the MV, the members boast diverse charms in a variety of concepts, from tough and edgy, to bright, colorful and refreshing. Multiple visuals giving off different vibes in the MV for “O.O” are well-matched with the diversity of sounds and genres that NMIXX introduces through the song. “O.O” is a mixture of two genres, Bailey Funk and Teenage Pop Rock, creating a new unique genre called Mixx Pop.

While many fans are impressed with how visually stunning and well-invested “O.O” MV is, some have noticed the striking similarities between NMIXX’s MV and ATEEZ’s MV. Specifically, the shot of a pirate ship floating above pink clouds in NMIXX’s “O.O” cannot help but reminds fans of ATEEZ’s “Illusion”.


ATEEZ has been doing a pirate concept since debut, and fans are saying this concept is the group’s “legacy”. Therefore, the similar shots in NMIXX’s MV have been accused of plagiarizing ATEEZ’s concept. 

FYI, DIGIPEDI, the studio in charge of producing “O.O,” has worked with ATEEZ before, which can somewhat explain the resemblances between the two group’s MVs. However, it needs to be noted that, ATEEZ’s “Illusion” was produced by a different studio and not DIGIPEDI


This makes ATEEZ’s fans hold firm to calling some shots in NMIXX’s “O.O” MV “blatant plagiarism” and asking JYP to address the matter. Thus, the hashtag #JYP_Plagiarism_Explain in Korean, started trending after NMIXX’s MV was released. 

Besides being accused of copying ATEEZ’s MV visuals, JYP has also come under criticism for doing false media-play about their rookie girl group’s unique music genre Mixx Pop. As Mixx Pop is defined as an original genre which brings together songs of various genres and turns it into one song, netizens claim that this is not at all a new genre, and has already been done by aespa. This explains why plenty of comments on NMIXX’s “O.O” said the song “reminds them of SM’s music”, and why aespa’s hit “Next Level” entered Twitter’s trending after “O.O” came out digitally. 

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