Jun Ji-hyun actually does the “Jun Ji-hyun’s workout” that came out on “My Love from the Star”

Actress Jeon Ji-hyun and Lee Si-young have become “Stars with Healthy Beauty” through their perfect self-management.

A chart of “Stars with Healthy Beauty” was revealed on the “Women Running The Chart” corner in KBS2’s “Entertainment Weekly,” which aired on August 4th. 

Jun Ji-hyun, who seems to have a natural physique, is a well-known sports enthusiast that even her colleagues acknowledge. Lee Jung-jae had asked her, “Do you still wake up at 6 a.m. and exercise?” while Kim Yoon-seok also asked, “Did you originally enjoy exercising?” 

Jun Ji-hyun said she wakes up early in the morning to work out. “I started training myself for the movie ‘Blood’, but that’s when I started working out. As I was working out, I can say that I had started to enjoy it.” 

In an interview, Jun said, “For me, working out is as essential as breathing. I was so scared that I wouldn’t be able to go back to my old self as my hiatus was prolonged. To get rid of that fear, I exercised to the point where I thought, ‘Is it okay to do it this hard?’” She also said, “If you don’t do anything with a determination of life and death, you won’t get good results.” 

In particular, Jun Ji-hyun became a hot topic after she was spotted doing the exercise she filmed in the SBS drama “My Love from the Star” in real life. The “capillary exercise”, which requires one to lie down and shake their legs and arms while holding them up, has attracted attention as “Jun Ji-hyun’s workout”

Jeon Ji-hyun returned to the small screen through “Legend of the Blue Sea” six months after giving birth to her first son in 2016, showing the same appearance as before she was pregnant. In addition, even after giving birth to her second son in 2018, she is called the “God of Self-management” as she has never missed the top spot of any visual chart with her unwavering visuals.

Lee Si-young was chosen as the No. 1 star in “Stars with Healthy Beauty,” beating Jun Ji-hyun. Lee Si-young, who made headlines for her muscles that even made people doubted whether it was CG or not, is releasing her actual training footage on SNS. Lee Si-young fell in love with hiking and has carried out the “100 Greatest Mountain Climbing Project.” Lee Si-young was also selected as the first celebrity to be the cover model for “Monthly Mountain.” 

In particular, she was selected as a goodwill ambassador for Switzerland and conquered the summit of Breithorn in southern Switzerland, which is 4,164 meters above sea level, and even set a world record as the largest all-female rope team.

Source: daum

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