Lee Chae-young directly announced her position on the accusation of her habitual pets abandonment

On Jan 11th, an official from Lee Chae-young’s agency told News1 that the allegations regarding Lee’s habitual pet abandonment are not true, and that she is willing to take legal actions against those who fabricated such storied and spread them.

Earlier, a media outlet raised suspicions that Lee Chae-young habitually abandoned her dogs based on the story of an informant.

Lee Chae-young

The informant claimed, “When comments asking about her pet dog appeared, Lee Chae-young deleted all of its photos that she had posted. The dog is currently being raised by Lee Chae-young’s acquaintance.

Meanwhile, Lee Chae-young played the main character Mimi in the movie “Female Tazza“, which was released on Dec 8th last year.

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