Han Ga-in’s Visual With Short Hair Wows Netizens, “She’s 50000 Times Prettier In Person”

Han Ga-in’s transformation with short hair for the first time in 15 years is making hot topics

On November 29th, Han Ga-in shared on her SNS a video of herself uploaded by a hair designer. In the caption, the hair designer said, “Today Han Ga-in’s half-bundled hair, short hair, Han Ga in’s short hair”, adding “She’s 50000 times prettier in person. I’m sad that the video could not capture enough of it. Isn’t she a smiling angel? Her skin is so nice. She cut her hair a bit and did a half-ponytail styling today. It was taken by normal camera without app”.

han ga in

The hairdresser added, “If her visual in normal camera is like this, how pretty she is in real life… Wow… I can’t help but admire her. I mean.. Seriously… Really… The camera couldn’t capture enough of it (her visual)… For real… If you meet her in person, you’ll see her face is really smaller than your fist”.

The short video posted by the hairstylist shows Han Ga-in doing lovely poses with her new short hair. In particular, the actress’s bright skin and smile catch the eyes of netizens.

Earlier, the hairdresser revealed an anecdote about Han Ga-in’s hairstyle. She said, “Han Ga-in visited me. In the past, I uploaded a Story saying I wanted to give her a consultation about short hair and she really made a reservation after that”, adding “She has always been seen with long black hair. Han Ga-in had short hair in the past but she only tried bob hair and it was already 15 years ago, so she wanted to change it. That’s why I cut her bangs and chose the short layer style for her”, explaining the reason why Han Ga-in changed her hairstyle.

han ga in

Emphasizing Han Ga-in’s beauty, the hairdresser said, “Her face is already perfect. To be honest, her long hair is also pretty, but she thought it was boring so she tried a short cut for the first time in 15 years”

The hairdresser also revealed the reaction of Han Ga-in’s husband Yeon Jung-hoon. She said, “Han Ga-in is a happy wife who receives so much love”, adding “After Han Ga-in got a new hairstyle, her friends and family said she looked pretty. Her man Yeon Jun-hon also complimented it, saying she was very very very beautiful.”

Meanwhile, Han Ga-in will appear on tvN’s new program “Europe Outside Your Tent 4”.

Source: Daum

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