NCT’s Taeyong is Mistreated by SM Entertainment? Netizens Angered

A recently-released behind-the-scenes video has caused netizens to speculate that NCT’s Taeyong is being mistreated by SM. 

On March 4, a video titled “TAEYONG ‘TAP’ Jacket & MV Behind the Scenes” was published on the official YouTube channel of NCT. Here, NCT’s Taeyong discloses the preparation process for his newly-released 2nd solo album, “TAP”. 

Through the video, it can be seen that Taeyong pulled out his full efforts for his highly-anticipated solo return, giving ideas for the MV, the album, and the overall comeback concept. 

However, a specific scene in the video has sparked anger among netizens. 

In particular, Taeyong expressed his wish to have a spacious scene for the “TAP” MV. However, the director then explained that for this to come true, Taeyong won’t have any manager or stylist assisting him. 

“Your manager won’t be there, no one doing your hair or make up. No one will be there for you”, the director said, to which Taeyong accepted without any further question. 

As a result of this scene, many fans (and netizens) are angry, claiming that SM is basically mistreating Taeyong if they can’t even do the bare minimum of sending a staff member with him to the MV filming site. 

Some even started to call SM Entertainment “useless”, pointing out that Taeyong used his own clothes for the “TAP” album, and a fan of Taeyong did the heavy lifting when it comes to promotion, while SM barely moved a finger. 

Comments such as “I think its crazy that SM even posts things like this, like fully edited videos of them mistreating taeyong and then proceeds to think that its still okay” can also be seen on SNS platforms, showing how baffled netizens are about the situation. 

Source: YouTube, X

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