NCT Taeyong finds the fan who promoted his new song by carrying a large placard “I’m looking for you”

NCT Taeyong set out to find the fan promoting his new song by carrying a large placard

On February 26th, Taeyong left a message on the private message platform Dear U Bubble, saying, “Hi, Taeyong fans. Thank you so much for coming to the concert yesterday and for promoting… Thank you so much…

He then actively promoted his new song, “That’s right. Finally, it’s released today! I’m looking for you, Taeyong fan!


Along with this, a photo was released showing a fan waiting for the subway with a large placard.

The placard, seemingly handwritten by the fan, includes the message, “NCT Taeyong. 2nd solo album release tomorrow, Monday February 26th, at 6 PM. Please listen to the title track ‘TAP’ a lot.

According to netizens who witnessed it firsthand, this fan actively promoted the new song using the placard not only at the subway station but also within the Olympic Park where Taeyong’s solo concert was held the day before.

As photos of the fan circulated online, generating buzz, Taeyong himself mentioned it directly, expressing gratitude to the fan.


Netizens reacted, “Thanks to that fan, many people will probably listen to the song at least once“, “If I were the singer, I would be very grateful“, “That’s true love“, “It will be remembered for a lifetime“…

Meanwhile, Taeyong held his first solo concert “TY TRACK” at the Olympic Hall, Olympic Park, Seoul on February 24th and 25th. Both shows were sold out, demonstrating Taeyong’s immense popularity and power as a solo artist.

Taeyong’s 2nd mini-album “TAP” will be released on February 26th at 6 PM.

Source: Daum

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