Goo Hara appeared for the first time after the assault with a swollen face, her neck and arms were full of bruises and bandages

Goo Hara, who was once a beautiful singer appeared with a swollen face and a body fully covered with bandages after the shocking assault.

At 3 pm on September 18th, Goo Hara finally turned up after the assault that shook the entertainment industry. Earlier, the former member of Kara had revealed the whole story with Dispatch, and also released evidence proving that her former boyfriend, Mr. Choi assaulted her at her private villa in Nonhyundong, Gangnam-gu on September 13th. At yesterday’s interrogation, Goo Hara’s ex-boyfriend appeared in court with a fully bandaged face. However, when Go Hara turned up today, her situation appeared to be more serious than his.

Goo Hara looked really pale with her swollen face, her left cheek bandaged with two long wounds, and her neck and arms full of bruises and bandages. In order to avoid the attention of the press, she covered the wound with bandages. When being asked about who fought first, Goo Hara replied: “The key is not who to fight first, the truth will be revealed after the police investigation.”

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