‘Second BoA’ Singer Became Office Worker And Passed Away In A Car Accident At 26 Years Old

Nine years have passed since singer Joanne passed away

After a car accident in the United States on November 26, 2014, Joanne fell into a coma and passed away on December 2, 2014. She was only 26 years old.

The day Joanne got into a car accident was also the first day of the Thanksgiving holiday. The funeral was held quietly with only family members and close acquaintances. A memorial ceremony was also held in Korea so that fans who remember the deceased and Korean acquaintances could say their last greetings.


The late Joanne made her debut in 2001 at the age of 13. She was active in sitcoms and commercials, leaving hit songs such as “Good Day Dunshine,” “First Love” and “Pure.” The singer was expected to become an all-rounder singer like BoA.

However, she suddenly stopped her activities due to problems with her agency, causing fans’ regret. Although she later appeared on Mnet’s “Superstar K” in 2012, Joanne did not return to the entertainment industry. Instead, she decided to live in Los Angeles, California, USA and worked for a logistics company.

After the death of the deceased, her brother once appeared on the program “Sugar Man” and talked about her.

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