Not BLACKPINK or 2NE1, this is the YG girl group with the most impressive vocals 

YG’s first generation girl group has the most powerful vocals.

When it comes to YG female idols, the majority of Kpop fans will think of 2 popular girl groups, 2NE1 and BLACKPINK. Meanwhile, not many people know that back in 2003, YG launched a 4-member girl group named Big Mama. Their visuals did not stand out, but Big Mama successfully left a strong impression on the public with their powerful vocals and top-notch singing abilities.

Big Mama is most known for their powerful vocals
Big Mama is most known for their powerful vocals 

Big Mama released many well-received songs and achieved much success throughout their journey together as a group. However, in 2012, Big Mama officially announced their disbandment, causing fans much regret. 9 years after parting ways, YG‘s first girl group decided to reunite and release new music. On February 10, Big Mama released the full album “Born” with 11 songs.

“Like Nothing Happened” is one of the highest-rated ballads on this album with a perfect combination of vocals, melody, and harmony.

Members of Big Mama are now all in their 40s, but their vocals still sound amazing, drawing countless praises from netizens. Big Mama‘s powerful, emotional vocals never fail to give listeners the chills. 

Big Mama's singing skills are still spectacular after all these years
Big Mama’s singing skills are still spectacular after all these years 

Netizen show positive reactions to Big Mama’s reunion:

  • Their vocals are truly powerful and filled with emotions. I get goosebumps and shed tears listening to their songs. 
  • No one can cover Big Mama’s songs because they are all so high 
  • Their voices give me the chills 
  • I hope Big Mama continues to release more songs.
  • All 4 members are professors of vocals at famous universities, so of course they have great singing abilities
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