Han Ga-in is revealing everything about her private life for the first time in 20 years since her debut: stock failure, couple fight a day before wedding, miscarriage,…

Actress Han Ga-in, who recently showed up again on entertainment programs, is now confidently talking about all the secrets she has kept for the past 20 years.

This year marks the 20th debut anniversary of this actress. Han Ga-in, who used to be one of the leading actresses with a “mysterious” image, is revealing the secrets that she has kept for 20 years. From episodes related to her husband Yeon Jung-hoon, who was called one of the “3 national thieves”, to confessions about her miscarriage, Han Ga-in is freely unveiling everything one after another.

On SBS’s entertainment program “Circle House”, which aired on April 14th, Han Ga-in said, “I’m a ‘kangaroo mom’ who always carries my children in my heart”. She surprised everyone by confessing about undergoing test-tube procedures after having a miscarriage. Han Ga-in shared, “95% of my life is mainly about my children”, adding, “I have a reason to do so. 10 years after getting married, we didn’t have a baby. But as soon as we decided to have one, I succeeded in getting pregnant”.

Han Ga-in Yeon Jung hoon

She continued, “About 8 to 9 weeks later, the baby’s heart stopped beating and we lost the child. Because of that, I was very careful with each of my steps when I got pregnant with my first child through test tube procedures”, adding, “I stayed home for 40 weeks just in case something wrong happened to the baby. The child was so precious and was like a treasure to us since we went through such procedures and processes to have her”.

Han Ga-in married actor Yeon Jung-hoon in 2005, three years after her debut. She was 24 years old back then. Han Ga-in drew attention as she announced her first pregnancy after more than 9 years. However, the news of her miscarriage was reported only a month later.

After that, Han Ga-in gave birth to her daughter Jae-hee in April 2016, 11 years after her marriage. Her second child Jae-won was born in 2019.

Han Ga-in

Netizens have already known about her miscarriage and childbirths through entertainment news, but this was the first time in 20 years that they got to know Han Ga-in’s true feelings revealed by the actress herself.

Han Ga-in had been called one of the representative goddesses in the Korean entertainment industry since her debut. This is also the reason why Han Ga-in’s husband Yeon Jung-hoon was called a “national thief” for marrying her.

Han Ga-in rose to stardom right after her debut and swept all dramas and commercials. Even after marriage, she continued to carry out acting activities but rarely appeared in entertainment programs. Her entire private life, including her whereabouts after marrying actor Yeon Jung-hoon, was kept secret. 

Han Ga-in

But did she mean to do so? Since Han Ga-in became an MC for “Circle House”, which started broadcasting this year, the actress has been revealing stories about her private life without hesitation.

This move of Han Ga-in may have already been foreseen. The fact that she became an entertainment program host, which was such a rare scene, has already been a different step from what she had taken.

Furthermore, “Circle House” is a talk show with the concept of ‘a public consultation project’, and Han Ga-in had to put her own experiences in the right place to lead empathy and communication. That is how Han Ga-in‘s candid stories were revealed one by one.

Han Ga-in

From the story of Han Ga-in demanding a breakup one day before their wedding because Yeon Jung-hoon had a drink with his acquaintances until late at night to her decision to invest in stocks but went minus, the actress is exposing her private life frankly and honestly.

It’s not just the Circle House. Recently, Han Ga-in drew attention since she showed up as a guest on KBS2’s “2 Days & 1 Night“. For the first time since her marriage, she appeared on a variety show with her husband Yeon Jung-hoon and revealed their love story.

Han Ga-in said, “My husband has a personality that is 180 degrees different from mine. I am always in a hurry and have a lot of emotional ups and downs, but my husband is calm.

Han Ga-in

Han Ga-in has had a strong and innocent image since her debut. In “Introduction to Architecture” released in 2012, the scene of Han Ga-in swearing without hesitation caused some male viewers to panic. Director Lee Yong-joo, who was in charge of directing, said at the time, “It’s the reality of Han Ga-in that the public doesn’t know about.”

And now, Han Ga-in is relentlessly revealing her true self through entertainment. After 20 years of her debut, Han Ga-in opened up her second heyday by exuding her candid, outspoken charms.

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