Go Kyung-pyo Mentions His Drastic Appearance Changes, “I Weighed 93kg During Break”

Actor Go Kyung-pyo revealed that he was planning to diet after reaching the highest weight record of 93kg

On February 22nd, Junggigo uploaded on his YouTube channel a new content video featuring the appearance of actor Go Kyung-pyo. 

Go Kyung-pyo gladly accepted Junggigo’s invitation to be the first guest because of their friendship. Junggigo said, “You’re known for looking drastically different when you’re on and off productions. I see you aren’t shooting anything?”. In response, Go Kyung-pyo laughed and said, “I’ve got nothing”. 

Go Kyung-pyo
Go Kyung-pyo

Junggigo continued asking, “How long will this be going?”. Go Kyung-pyo honestly explained, “I’m trying to lose weight not because of work but because I’ve never weighed more than 90kg. It’s always under because I’d be careful not to weigh more than that, but I weighed 93kg. It’s gone too far”.

When asked, “Are you planning to lose weight?”, the actor said, “Yeah, but I’m not sure it’ll work though.” While enjoying the lasagna prepared by Junggigo, Go Kyung-pyo said, “It’s so good that I’m at a loss for words.” Junggigo commented, “No wonder you’re 93kg”.

Go Kyung-pyo has stood out among celebrities for looking completely different when he’s preparing and shooting projects and when he’s resting. Many netizens even collected pictures to make comparisons of his handsome appearance during promotions and his chubby face after that. The actor also accepts himself and receives positive responses.

Go Kyung-pyo

Earlier in an interview ahead of the release of the 2022 film “6/45”, Go Kyung-pyo confessed, “Dieting is not easy”, emphasizing that this process needs a lot of effort. Answering the question, “Why are you so handsome?”, the actor said, “I’m going to surprise you now. It’s not the time for the change yet but I’ll manage it myself”.

Meanwhile, Go Kyung-pyo will return with JTBC’s new drama “No Secrets” scheduled to air this year.

Source: Daum

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