Female singer who gave her fellow member 10-million-won wedding gift “This time she gave 7-million-won luxury bag”

Singer Kang Min-kyung presented a high-end luxury handbag as a birthday gift to her fellow member of the group Davichi, Lee Hae-ri

Recently, a video titled “A vlog about Eating, Losing Weight, Working and Buying a Bag for Hae-ri” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Kyang Ming-kyung”.

In the video, Kang Min-kyung casually handed over a shopping bag to Lee Hae-ri while they were dining at her house.

kang min kyung-lee haeri

Upon opening the shopping bag, Lee Hae-ri was pleasantly surprised to see a Chanel mini handbag worth about 7 million won.

Lee Hae-ri said “Huh? What’s this? I said I didn’t need it. Why did you buy something like this again?” with a wide smile on her face.

Kang Min-kyung responded, “Your smile betrays you. How can you say you don’t need it when your face lights up? I thought of you as soon as I saw it.

kang min kyung-lee haeri

Lee Hae-ri exclaimed “I really love it. I’m so touched” while Kang Min-kyung looked pleased as she watched Lee Hae-ri’s happy reaction.

Continuing to admire the bag, Lee Hae-ri asked, “It’s so cute. Did you buy it at the store?” Kang Min-kyung replied, “Do you think I’d buy it second-hand? You said you’re not materialistic, but you’re overflowing with it.

It was previously reported that Kang Min-kyung gave an estimated wedding gift of about 10 million won at Lee Hae-ri’s wedding ceremony in July 2022, which became a hot topic.

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