After being threatened by BTS’s V to sue, Youtuber continues to enrage fans with his new response

On December 20, on the fan community Weverse, a fan shared a post calling out a YouTuber for spreading malicious rumors about BTS and many other idols such as aespa, TXT, NCT, THE BOYZ… This post received mixed reactions from other ARMYs (BTS’s fans), because Weverse is a place where fans and idols interact in a positive way, and negative matters should not be addressed here. However, V saw the post and personally responded with the intention to sue the YouTuber in question.

BTS V sue Youtuber
V commented, “Oh?!! I’ll proceed with lawsuits. I could gain some snack money. Mentioning my family and friends. Bye~”

Another fan responded with a new post saying that V shouldn’t pay too much attention to unnecessary things. But V continued to show determination, “I was just scrolling through and all the artists, not just us, don’t like people like him. All fans, ARMY, may or may not have followed this person, but I’m going to sue on behalf of those who are hurt but don’t have enough courage.”

This YouTuber appears to be clueless of the consequences despite grasping the issue. This individual continued to make controversial posts on the community page, infuriating many people even more. This YouTuber used V’s response to promote his YouTube channel: “This is the only and only celebrity-themed channel that world superstar BTS has personally watched”, and that V “shouldn’t earn snack money by suing”. 

BTS V sue Youtuber
BTS V sue Youtuber
The “snack money” that V mentioned is said to be an insinuation that he will not be lenient with the wrong behavior of the channel owner.

After expressing his opinion on the above incident, in order not to worry fans, V immediately posted a status on the Weverse story to comfort ARMY.

BTS V sue Youtuber
“BTS and ARMY will only walk on a flowery path.”  – V said 

On the other hand, Big Hit Music once made an official statement in September about resolutely suing those who have malicious actions against the artists.  And now, fans are waiting for the worthy consequences for the Youtuber who spread malicious rumors.

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