The assistant confirmed that G-Dragon – Jennie did not hide the fact that they were dating, revealed the reason why YG did not admit the relationship.

What is the real reason that YG made an unclear statement about the relationship between G-Dragon and Jennie?

This morning (February 24), the Asian media was shocked by the news that G-Dragon (BIGBANG) and Jennie (BLACKPINK) have been dating for more than a year. In response to these reports, YG Entertainment released a short statement claiming they were unable to confirm or deny the dating rumor: “It is difficult for the company to confirm as it is the artists’ personal life. We hope you understand.”

Many netizens speculate that the couple is secretly dating, not wanting to disclose their relationship.  However, in the exclusive article, SPOTV News revealed the couple’s love story. SPOTV approached a close assistant of the couple and received an answer: “Both of them do not hide the fact that they are dating. When they met friends, they introduced each other as boyfriend/girlfriend.  But I think the publicity is quite a pressure for them.”  Regarding the reason why YG Ente rtainment does not admit that Jennie – GD is dating, another acquaintance of the couple also said: “It will not be easy to admit the dating news, because they are under the same company, and they also are senior-junior of each other in the music industry “.

G-Dragon - Jennie did not hide the fact that they were dating

Moreover, G-Dragon has had many dating rumors, but the leader of BIGBANG has never confirmed any of them.  Explaining this, the male idol once shared on Radio Star: “It is a personal matter. But if my partner is a celebrity, I think she will be under more pressure. I think the public has a right to know, but I don’t think I have to make my relationship public.”

Even this morning, when the dating news with Jennie broke out, “the king of Kpop” did not clarify his stance on this, like what he said, “the public has the right to know, but he does not need to make his relationship  public”.  Similarly, Jennie has not made any move yet, but some sources say that her mother knows this relationship and also supports the female idol.

G-Dragon - Jennie did not hide the fact that they were dating
G-Dragon - Jennie did not hide the fact that they were dating

Jennie is 8 years younger than G-Dragon.  The couple first appeared together in 2012, when Jennie appeared in the male rapper’s MV That XX.  When she was a trainee and had not yet debuted, Jennie was also combined with her senior on the stage of “Black”.  Their dating rumors began to spread last summer when G-Dragon suddenly appeared at the filming location for BLACKPINK’s MV “Lovesick Girls”.  At that time, netizens thought that he wanted to support his juniors, but now maybe G-Dragon also came because of his love relationship with Jennie.

G-Dragon - Jennie did not hide the fact that they were dating

Sources: kenh14

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