3 Kpop idols with fathers who were top singers in the 90s

Children of famous singers from the 90s are making their own mark in the entertainment industry by debuting as Kpop idols. 

KISS OF LIFE Belle – Shim Shin

Shim Shin, who debuted in 1990 and gained immense popularity with the hit song “You Are The Only One”, was a handsome male singer representative of his era. In 2012, he appeared on the SBS variety show “Golbal Junior Show” alongside his daughter, Shim Hye Won, receiving love from viewers.

Since then, although Shim Hye Won didn’t actively pursue a career in the entertainment industry, she participated in various songs, showcasing her songwriting abilities. So far, she has participated in songs for LE SSERAFIM and (G)I-DLE member Miyeon, establishing her own name. 

On July 5th, 2023, Shim Hye Won debuted as a member of the girl group KISS OF LIFE, under the stage name “Belle”. KISS OF LIFE, which consists of 4 members Natty, Belle, Julie, and Haneul, has been steadily growing and gaining popularity among fans both domestically and internationally, thanks to their strong vocals, performances, and diverse charms.

STAYC Sieun – Park Nam Jung

Park Nam Jung, who debuted with the song “Oh Wind” in 1988, gained popularity with trends like the robot dance and “ㄱㄴ” dance. His handsome appearance, vocal talent, and energetic dance skills endeared him to young women of his generation.

Park Nam Jung’s daughter, Park Si Eun, made her debut as a child actress and appeared in various dramas such as “Six Flying Dragons”, “Signal”, and The Good Wife”, gaining recognition.

However, not content with her acting career, Park Si Eun started training as an idol trainee, and eventually debuted under the group STAYC with the stage name Sieun. Now, her group has released hit songs like “ASAP”, “RUN2U”, “POPPY”, and “Teddy Bear”, and is actively engaging in musical activities. 

Park Nam Jung supports his daughter’s career enthusiastically, even filming dance challenge videos for STAYC’s new songs alongside her.

According to the singer, in the past, people used to refer to Sieun as “Park Nam Jung’s daughter”, but nowadays, he gets called “Sieun’s dad”.

RIIZE Anton – Yoon Sang

Yoon Sang, who debuted in November 1990 with his first album “Yoon Sang”, rose to fame with songs like “The Shadow of Parting”. He was also active as a composer and even composed the hit song “Violet Fragrance” for singer Kang Susie. This song gained significant attention, propelling the then-unknown rookie Kang Susie to stardom. 

Yoon Sang also played a significant role in producing the hit song and representative song “Ah-Choo” for girl group Lovelyz, earning him the nickname “Lovelyz’s father”.

Now, Yoon Sang’s son, Lee Chan Young, is set to debut next month as a member of SM Entertainment’s new boy group RIIZE, under the stage name Anton.

Lee Chan Young’s participation in the new boy group RIIZE has garnered a lot of interest, as this is the first new boy group introduced by SM Entertainment, 7 years after the debut of NCT.

Source: Wikitree

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