After Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé Expected to Establish Their Own Labels for Solo Activities 

YG announced on December 29th that, despite recently renewing the group contract for BLACKPINK’s activities, there are no individual contracts for the members.

YG expressed full support for BLACKPINK’s group activities and extended encouragement for the members’ individual activities.


Earlier, on December 6th, YG and BLACKPINK members signed an exclusive contract for group activities. Despite negotiations, individual contracts for the four members fell through recently.

Jennie, having established the label ‘ODD ATELIER,’ focuses on creating new and unexpected ventures in the fashion industry. 

Expectations arise for Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé to announce their respective labels, with Jisoo leaning towards acting, Lisa towards international activities, and Rosé towards music.

Despite the inability to secure individual contracts, BLACKPINK remains a historic K-pop girl group.

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BLACKPINK’s music achievements, fashion influence, and global fandom BLINK contribute to their unrivaled status in the industry.

As the group navigates the transition, YG’s strategic handling of BLACKPINK’s group activities will be crucial, considering the significant impact the group’s IP holds. 

The departure of BIGBANG members from YG and the independent moves of G-Dragon raise questions about the future trajectory of YG and its ability to foster new talent like TREASURE and BABYMONSTER in the competitive K-pop landscape.

Source: naver

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