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Go Eun Ah Opens Up about 9-Hour Nose Surgery: ‘Costs as Much as a Midsize Car, It Was Heavily Damaged’

The January 9th broadcast of the SBS entertainment program ‘Strong Heart VS’ was themed as a special ‘Flex VS Thrifty’ to celebrate the New Year.

On the vibrant spending side of ‘Flex,’ actors Park Jun-geum, ‘Investment Guru’ Hwang Hyun-hee, rapper Uneducated Kid, and on the thrifty side of ‘Thrifty,’ actress Go Eun Ah and comedian Kim Yong-myung appeared.

Go Eun-ah

Go Eun Ah proudly showcased her thrifty spirit, saying, “I can’t understand people who use a wet tissue only once. After eating, I wipe my mouth, wipe the table, wipe away dust, and squeeze it to the end.”

Not subscribing to YouTube Premium, Go Eun Ah said, “Even though I watch YouTube, I don’t subscribe to Premium.”

Moon Se-yoon shook his head, saying, “There are people who watch videos and listen to songs for only one minute.” Kim Yong-myung agreed, “You can understand the context in just one minute.”

Go Eun Ah chose to live on a monthly budget of 2 million won as an unemployed person rather than working all her life and living on a budget of 10 million won per month.

She remarked, “2 million won a month is too much. I spend around 300,000 to 500,000 won a month. I don’t like delivery food, and my dad sends me rice because he farms. I don’t turn on the heating because it’s hot. In the summer, when the dogs come home, I turn on the air conditioner. I either sleep with ice packs or freeze a PET bottle and hug it. If I turn on the air conditioner, it’s too cold. Shouldn’t you turn it off?”

Go Eun-ah

Go Eun Ah appeared on her first TV broadcast after nose surgery, and the cast members praised, “Your nose turned out so well. It’s natural.”

Go Eun Ah recalled, “It was inevitable to be natural because I hurt my nose while filming a movie. At that time, I couldn’t leave the movie set, so I hastily had it stitched up and participated in the shooting with special makeup for a year.”

She continued, “I missed the timing for restoration and only treated it for nearly 10 years until it urgently collapsed. So, I could only breathe on one side. I thought it was time to do it again after all these years.”

Although Go Eun Ah saved on trivial things, she mentioned that the cost of her nose surgery was equivalent to that of a midsize car.

Go Eun Ah shared, “Originally, I scheduled for 2 hours (of surgery), but it took over 9 hours. The inside of my nose was more damaged than I thought. The head surgeon was so surprised. If I had done it wrong, my nose, which I would carry for a lifetime, could have been lost if someone had maliciously pressed it. The doctor said it was an expensive nose.”

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