BTS’s Suga became successful fan “Nell’s Kim Jong-wan was my idol as a teenager”

After all, stars are also someone’s fans. BTS’s Suga became a successful fan as he met Nell’s Kim Jong-wan

On Oct 10th, the teaser video for episode 19 of “SUCHWITA” was released through BTS’s official channel.

In the video, Suga appeared unusually excited. He introduced the guest, “I feel like I’ve made it. I’m getting nervous. He was my idol as a teenager.

That guest is Nell’s vocalist, Kim Jong-wan. To Suga’s words “You were a big influence to my music“, Kim Jong-wan, who showed off his sense by wearing the clothes of the brand for which Suga is an ambassador, responded, “I’m very proud.”

As for working together on “Dear My Friend”, Kim Jong-wan said, “I was a bit surprised.” Suga smilingly shared, “Jungkook sang the guide demo.” It was also revealed that Kim Jong-wan visited Suga’s concert recently.


Suga and Kim Jong-wan both reminisced about the meaning of performances. Suga, who completed a world tour before his military service, said, “While I’m a musician, I’m also a performer.” Kim Jong-wan confessed, “Seeing the audience smile after I’ve delivered a good performance. I still remember it so clearly. Many people told me, ‘Through Nell’s music, I’ll find the strength to keep going.’

Suga added, “Music saves so many people, including myself. I have your album at home. I should get it signed.”

Source: Daum

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