IU’s Phone Charging Obsession: Characteristics of People with 100% Battery Fixation

There are people who feel at ease only when their mobile phone battery is 100% charged. 

IU showed an obsession with charging her phone, and many people can relate to this.


In the past, on the YouTube channel ‘IU TV,’ a behind-the-scenes video of IU was uploaded to celebrate her 10th debut anniversary. The video captures IU playing pranks with the staff during her break time.

At that time, IU handed her phone to a close staff member and asked them to charge it. Contrary to the expectation that she asked for charging because the battery was low, IU said, “It’s already at 100%, but I like to be certain, so please keep charging it.


Upon hearing this, the staff members present at the scene burst into laughter.

After four years, this video is once again receiving attention. In particular, some people found IU’s actions relatable. 


Many netizens left comments, “I also plug in the charger even when my battery is at 100%,” “My battery never goes below 50%,” “I hate it when my phone turns off due to battery discharge,” and so on.

One netizen reacted by saying, “When I go out, I always search for a place to charge my phone.” Many people also empathized with this comment.

Source: Insight

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