Ga-hee shared that MAMADOL’s rule is not to get pregnant and do sexy dances in front of their husbands

Park Jung-ah and Ga-hee revealed MAMADOL’s regulations “Knowing Bros.”

In the latest episode of JTBC’s variety program “Knowing Bros,” which aired on the afternoon of the 26th, MAMADOL’s Park Jung-ah, Ga-hee, and Oh My Girl’s Mimi and Seung-hee, who are about to make a comeback, appeared as transfer students.

Knowing Bros-Kahi

Regarding the ban when she was a trainee, Seunghee said, “We were banned from doing makeup, including lipstick.”

Mimi said, “We weren’t allowed to wear anything that went up my knees besides being banned from doing makeup, and it was very strict for female trainees. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll be kicked out.”

Knowing Bros-Kahi

Recalling her Jewelry days, Park Jung-ah said, “In my time, I practiced wearing high tops and tight pants. I think they told us to wear that to be cautious of our figure.” Regarding the ban on MAMADOL, the member drew attention by saying, “We are prohibited from getting pregnant.”

In response, Ga-hee said, “When we first practiced, there was a sexy move we did at the dance mission. I told everyone, “Don’t practice at home, you can look sexy to your husband” because we’re not allowed to get pregnant,” drawing laughter.

Knowing Bros-Kahi
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