Freezia wows netizens with her surreal body in new Instagram update 

Resuming activities after overcoming the controversy over using fakes, influencer Freezia is drawing attention with her new photos.

On June 16th, Freezia (Song Ji A) shared new mirror selfies on her personal Instagram with the caption, “Today”. In the photos, she is wearing a hot pink spaghetti strap crop top, high heels of the same color, and wide leg jeans. 

Freezia wows netizens by showing off her clear 11-line abs and unbelievably tiny ant waist. She also boasts an incredibly toned, voluminous body with a deep collarbone line and 90-degree shoulders, drawing admiration.

Her various attractive poses also impress netizens. Freezia never disappoints when it comes to exuding chic, trendy and sexy vibes. 

song ji a instagram

When these photos were posted, netizens left comments on Freezia’s Instagram such as:

  • “You’ve become prettier. I missed you”
  • “You always look like a doll”
  • “Looks like a real-life Barbie doll”
  • “Wow, you’ve gotten even skinnier”
  • “You lost so much weight”
song ji a instagram

Previously, Freezia appeared on Netflix’s reality dating show “Single’s Inferno” and gained popularity with her classy visuals and fashion sense by wearing outfits from all luxury designer brands. However, she was later embroiled in a controversy over using fakes, causing her to apologize and go on a hiatus for self-reflection.

Freezia recently posted on Instagram for the first time in about 5 months, signaling the resumption of her activities.

Source: wikitree

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