Kim Jong Kook reveals his thrifty habits, “I don’t turn on air conditioner & use one sheet of tissue at a time”

“My Little Old Boy” Kim Jong Kook talked about his “thrifty” aspect.

The July 23rd broadcast of SBS’s “My Little Old Boy” showed Kim Jong Kook, Kim Jong Min, and Lee Sang Min visiting Sunwoo Yongnyeo’s house.

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Meeting Sunwoo Yongnyeo, Jeon Won Ju, Lee Kyung SIl, and Kim Ji Sun there, Kim Jong Min prepared flower gifts for the four sisters. Receiving the gift, Kim Ji Sun praised, “You will definitely get married the fastest”. Sunwoo Yongnyeo also commented, “You guys are the first men to come to my house”.

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Stories from the past activities of Jeon Won Joo and Sunwoo Yongnyeo, who have been friends for 50 years, were also revealed. Lee Sang Min said, “Sunwoo Yongnyeo has portrayed many wealthy woman roles, while Won Joo often plays poor people”. Hearing that, Sunwoo Yongnyeo expressed unfairness, saying “They gave me the roles, I didn’t even ask for them”. While talking about how she and Jeon Won Joo took care of each other when filming together, Sunwoo Yongnyeo told “My Little Old Boy” members, “Now you guys should think about having a family, having children and a plan to spend your later years comfortably”.

Lee Sang Min then pointed at Kim Jong Kook, saying “The first problem is Jong Kook. From what I see, he doesn’t get married because he is afraid of spending the money he earned”. Kim Jong Min agreed, “He’s really thrifty”. Feeling unfair, Kim Jong Kook reacted, “That’s not true at all. What are you talking about?”. Lee Sang Min continued, “I’ve been paying off debts for 17 years, so it (spending money) doesn’t bother me, but Jong Kook always saves money”.

Kim Jong Kook added, “I rarely spend money”, adding “When I’m alone, I never turn on the air conditioner. Like yesterday and the day before, I only used a fan”.

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Kim Jong Min continued to expose Kim Jong Kook, saying, “Last time at his house, I almost got hit after using two sheets of tissue”. Kim Jong Kook responded, “You only need to use one sheet. This is not about saving money. I only prevented you from wasting.” Lee Sang Min then asked, “How about reusing wet tissues?”, Kim Jong Kook replied, “It depends on where you used them. I used them for greasy dish while washing dishes.”

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Hearing the stories, Kim Ji Sun sighed and said, “Don’t live like that”.Jeon Won Joo wondered, “You’re living well, so why are you acting like that? You look beautiful today”. Kim Ji Sun then shared a story from the past when she appeared on a show with Won Joo. She said, “Once, she sneezed and took out a tissue from her bag. But instead of using one, she peeled off two layers, used one, and folded the other one to put it back in her bag”. Kim Jong Kook empathized, saying, “My father also has the habit of dividing the tissue in half.”

Later, “My Little Old Boy” members enjoyed home-cooked meals prepared by Sunwoo Yongnyeo. 

Meanwhile, SBS’s “My Little Old Boy” airs every Sunday at 9:05 p.m.

Source: Daum

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