Former idol manager considers Twice is the most beautiful group in Kpop and Tzuyu is the ‘best visual’

The sharing of a former idol manager about Twice’s beauty received a good reaction from Once.

On June 26, the YouTube channel “Doyouram – Everyday K-Culture” shared an interview video with Nam Yoon Jae, a former idol manager at S company – one of the biggest entertainment companies in Kpop.  As a person who has a lot of experience and has met and interacted with many idols, Nam Yoon Jae shared about his work experiences, as well as expressed his personal views about idols with attractive personalities, good looks or excellent vocals.

I think I’ve met a lot of idols in real life. As a manager, I can see any idol at weekly music shows,” Nam Yoon Jae said. When asked, “Which idol is really beautiful on a different level?“, this person replied, “For me, it’s always Twice. Manager work is hard. Everyone is busy,  tired and sleep-deprived, so we rarely notice when a certain group passes by. But Twice is very different. Every time I see them, I think like ‘so pretty!‘”.

Nam Yoon Jae said that the most beautiful Twice member for him is Tzuyu, “Tzuyu always holds the number one position in my heart“.  In addition, this former idol manager also highly appreciated the visuals of Yuna (ITZY), the personality of Ye Eun (CLC) and the handsome looks of the NCT members.

Nam Yoon Jae’s sharing received a positive response from the Once community.  Fans think that Twice is a rare girl group that has all beautiful and attractive members. This is not the first time Twice has been praised for their visuals.  Twice is known as the all-visual group, they are always beautiful, even in the pictures taken with the phone camera or unedited photos.  In the “idol vote idol” surveys in recent years, Tzuyu and the whole group Twice were named in the list of the top beautiful female idols.

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