Former 4Minute Jeon Ji Yoon Shares Her Current Whereabouts After 7 Years

Jeon Ji Yoon, who was active as a member of 4Minute alongside HyunA, revealed her current status.

On June 27th, a video titled “The Current Status of 4Minute Member Jeon Ji Yoon” was published on the YouTube channel “TAEKandYoon”

In the video, when asked about her current status, Jeon Ji Yoon said, “I am currently active in a band called ‘Present’ and I also write. I am also engaged in various individual activities.

Jeon Ji Yoon

Then, when the host said, “4Minute represents the first generation of Hallyu wave,” Jeon Ji Yoon said, “I recently went to Bali and when I went to a souvenir shop, they immediately started talking about BTS because we looked like Koreans. I felt the Hallyu sensation there. But I couldn’t bring myself to say ‘4Minute.’

When asked if she was financially satisfied during 4Minute activities, she said, “It was good. I bought various things and spent money. I would buy luxury goods and such. But they don’t have any meaning at all. After receiving the payments, I bought several luxury bags for psychological compensation, but now I don’t carry them at all. Luxury goods are too heavy.”

She further expressed regret about buying luxury goods with the money she received during the 4Minute era, “If you invest the money somewhere else, you can earn more. I don’t want to consume it. I turned my attention to investing and saved the money. When you earn a lot of money from the settlement system, you momentarily think, ‘This will last forever.’ When you’re active, you don’t know that it’s not eternal. I want to let people know that if you do well and then fail, it becomes a debt. Don’t become conceited.”

Jeon Ji Yoon

When asked about the settlement system in the entertainment industry, Jeon Ji Yoon explained, “These days, I know that settlements are done at the end of the month. When I was active with 4Minute, it was a structure where we received settlements every three months. And we had to repay the expenses incurred during our trainee days first. If we couldn’t debut, we had to repay it. So we had to surpass the break-even point first in order to receive a settlement. We had to save even during our trainee days.”

Lastly, Jeon Ji Yoon said, “In fact, just debuting as a girl group itself was a great stroke of luck. I enjoyed my time as 4Minute. At first, I didn’t have anything, so just debuting itself made me think, ‘I am blessed.’ The time I spent as 4Minute was happy.”

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4Minute, known for numerous hit songs such as ‘Hot Issue,’ ‘Hate,’ ‘What’s Your Name,’ and ‘Crazy,’ was a 2nd-gen girl group launched by Cube Entertainment in 2009. It consisted of Hyuna, Kwon So Hyun, Nam Ji Hyun, Heo Ga Yoon, and Jeon Ji Yoon. The group disbanded in 2016.

Source: Wikitree

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