Female actors born in 1981 + Male celebrities born in 1979… What happened?

The news of the marriage of beautiful stars born in 1981 in the entertainment industry has recently been reported one after another, drawing attention.

Representative actress Son Ye-jin (born in 1981) married popular actor Hyun Bin on March 31st after 2 years of dating.

On June 3rd, Jang Na-ra, a singer-actress of the same age, also announced her upcoming wedding to fans through Instagram. Jang Na-ra revealed that her husband was 6 years younger than her, and the two had been together for 2 years before deciding to tie the knot.

jang nara

In the entertainment industry, there are many beautiful stars born in the year of the Rooster. In particular, many of them maintained both acting and family life after marriage.

For example Jun Ji-hyun, So Yoo-jin, Sung Yu-ri, Eugene, Park Jung-ah, Gummy and Lyn. It is hard to list all. What they have in common is that they stand out in their respective fields such as acting and family life.

Jun Ji-hyun married Choi Joon-hyuk, a businessman of the same age, in 2012, and they have 2 sons. After marriage, with more stable acting skills, she was recognized for playing various characters in dramas “My Love from the Star” (2013), “The Legend of the Blue Sea” (2016) and movies “The Thieves” (2012), “The Berlin File” (2013), “Assassination” (2015).

k actors

So Yoo-jin married Baek Jong-won, a culinary researcher and CEO 15 years older than her, in 2013, and they have one son and two daughters. After a hiatus due to childbirth and childcare, she showed good acting skills in KBS2’s “Five Children”, MBC’s “My Healing Love” and recently appeared on entertainment shows as well. She showed off her witty volubility on MBN’s “Naturally” and SBS Plus’ “Ddong Puppy”. On KBS2’s “The Return of Superman”, she boasted her stable and refreshing voice as a narrator.

Eugene and Sung Yu-ri shone in the music industry with their outstanding beauty. After marriage, they opened the second chapter of their lives by starting a family.

sung yuri

Eugene appeared in numerous dramas after marriage, showing her more mature image and improved acting skills. She married actor Ki Tae-young and gave birth to their first child, a daughter named Ro-hee, in 2016. She also gave birth to another girl, Ro-rin, in 2018.

Sung Yu-ri married professional golfer Ahn Sung-hyun in 2017 and gave birth to twin daughters in January. After marriage, she often reveals happy moments of her family through SNS. On June 3rd, Song Yu-ri posted a photo of herself while doing exercises along with the caption “RUN RUN”, drawing attention to her healthy body figure.

Song Hye Kyo

Actress Song Hye-kyo was born in 1982 but went to the same school as those born in 1981. After divorcing actor Song Joong-ki in 2019, Song Hye-kyo made a successful comeback with SBS’s drama “Now We Are Breaking Up” and is continuing her acting activities.

Male celebrities born in 1979 are also enjoying their second heyday by carrying out their entertainment activities and at the same time taking care of their families.


Ha Ha married singer Byul in 2012. The couple has two sons and a daughter. Ha Ha met with MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” and reached his heyday with his ‘talented kid’ character. Being a regular member of SBS’s “Running Man”, he is currently on a roll as a global star.

Lee Ji-hoon was loved in the 1990s for his good-looking appearance. He married a Japanese actress, who is 14 years younger than him, last year and is enjoying his happy married life. He recently made his comeback and is taking opportunities to make himself known again as ‘singer Lee Ji-hoon’ through active broadcasting activities.

ryu su young

Actor Ryu Soo-young married actress Park Ha-sun in 2017 and has a daughter. He is enjoying his heyday by showing off his excellent cooking skills on KBS2’s “Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant”.

Kangta is also reported to marry actress Jung Yu-mi this fall after two years of dating.

Kangta Jung Yoo-mi

Beauties born in 1981 and handsome stars born in 1979 have become more mature as time goes by and they are living a more beautiful life. 

They are new setting good examples as public figures who do well in both work and marriage and even as good mothers and fathers.

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