Charlie Puth confirms the MV for “Left And Right”, his collab song with BTS’s Jungkook, has a gay storyline? 

Following many theories from fans, Charlie Puth has indirectly confirmed that “Left And Right” MV is gay. 

On June 24th, the single “Left And Right”, marking the first official collaboration between American pop star Charlie Puth and BTS’s Jungkook was released. The fun MV for the song was also dropped and drew much attention. In particular, after watching the MV, many fans have theorized that the love story in “Left And Right” is gay.

Specifically, in the MV, Charlie Puth is shown struggling to get someone out of his mind, even having to go see a therapist to seek help. And the only character appearing in the MV besides the therapist is Jungkook, sparking a theory that Charlie has feelings for Jungkook and can’t stop thinking about him. Besides, the MV was released on Pride Month, a month that honors the LGBT community.

Recently, Charlie Puth himself seems to have indirectly confirmed the aforementioned theory by posting a screenshot of a comment left by a fan under the MV. He added two emojis, implying that he agreed. The fan’s comment says, “Since no one else is pictured besides the two guys (Charlie and Jungkook), the assumption is that the two are occupying each other’s mind, which I think is great. I’m all for normalizing this.” 

Knowing the MV is inspired by a gay relationship, many viewers showed even more support for “Left And Right”. Currently, “Left And Right” MV has reached 75 million views and ranked No.8 in the trending music category on Youtube after more than 2 weeks of release.

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