IVE Wonyoung, who was attacked by malicious comments, burst into tears when hearing touching words from a fan

IVE Wonyoung was moved to tears by an international fan. 

Recently, on various online communities and SNS, the review of IVE Wonyoung‘s ‘Youngtong Fans‘ (video call fan signing) is a hot topic.

In the video released, Wonyoung has a one-on-one conversation with an overseas fan. This fan said, “Recently because of stress, I’m not in a good mood. So I’m very grateful to Wonyoung because just looking at your photos, watching Wonyoung perform, I feel so relieved. Every day I all look forward to meeting Wonyoung. Thanks to Wonyoung, I think less about bad days.”

Wonyoung was moved to tears by the words of the fans, who gained energy while watching her stage, and then immediately shed tears. She then diligently wiped away the tears, causing her eyes and nose to turn red.

IVE Wonyoung

Since Wonyoung is a strong girl who doesn’t usually cry, some fans who watched the video worried, saying, “You seem to have suffered a lot because of the recent malicious comments.” 

Earlier, Wonyoung appeared on a show and ate a strawberry with both hands while showing her daily life. After the broadcast, some netizens left malicious comments about Wonyoung’s behavior, such as “She is overly conscious of the camera” and “Who eats strawberries like that?”

Jang Won Young

On the other hand, the Korean public is currently shocked over anti fans’ recruitment of malicious commenters targeting Wonyoung. An article that has the content to recruit malicious commenters targeting Wonyoung was spread on social networks. In that post, the writer caused a shock when talking about the cost: “You will be paid 50 KRW for short comments and 100 KRW for long comments“.

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