Another college alumnus revealed Kim Seonho’s “actual personality”, uploaded 3 stories and photo proofs

Another alumnus from the Seoul Institute of Arts appeared to cheer for Kim Seon-ho who is currently caught up in a scandal.   

A, who claimed to be Kim Seon-hos college alumni, said, “I read an article titled ‘The opinion from Kim Seon-ho’s alumni’ and decided to tell you what I experienced myself,” adding that it was his first time posting to the online community. They introduced themselves that they attended the second and third year of college with Kim Seon-ho, took some classes, and even produced stage plays together.

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A said, “There was an article that said when Kim Seon-ho was in the Department of Broadcasting and Entertainment at Seoul Institute of Arts, he liked alcohol and club and liked to play around with girls like he still is now. At least the Kim Seon-ho that I saw and experienced in college was different from the content of that article.” They also added, “He was a mood maker that made everyone laugh, many liked to follow and adored him.”

In conclusion, “Kim Seon-ho is a savior to me,” they said adding, “He had helped me 3 times in just two years.” 

kim seon ho

A said, “It was when I was scolded by the professor for hours due to my actions during the production of a stage play, and the atmosphere became serious. At that time, Kim Seon-ho, who stayed late to practice, asked for permission to take me outside before he comforted and advised me, saying, “It’s just the way the professor talks”. Thanks to him, I overcame the dangerous time and finished that work well.”

kim seon ho

They continued, “When I almost got into a violent quarrel with a drunk student at school, Kim Seon-ho appeared and stopped the fight. He let me sit down and gave me a moral education. He was going to bed at home but suddenly heard a loud noise resembling my voice, so he came out to check whether it was me. Then he told me that there was no good fighting with a drunk person. Thanks to Kim Seon-ho, the situation was solved, and no big fight occurred.”

A then told another story, “You may think the story in this post is no big deal, but it was because I can’t write much content in a short post like this. Kim Seon-ho was neither obliged nor had to be responsible for helping me, but he still did that. He told me the reason was that he wanted to get close to me first. At least in the two years that I knew him, I had never seen him losing his temper, cursing or throwing a fist at anyone just because he  disagreed with others’ opinions.”

kim seon ho

Lastly, they explained their reason for writing this post, “I want to tell everyone that Kim Seon-ho was not that kind of person during his college days. I’m sure many people may find my post uncomfortable, but I’m still leaving this message here to help you understand the truth even a little bit”. Along with the post, they added a photo of their college days to certify the credibility of their words.

Meanwhile, Kim Seonho became a famous actor after the success of his recent drama “Hometown Cha Cha Cha”. During his heyday, his personal love life was revealed to the whole nation by his ex-girlfriend, who accused him of forcing her to have an abortion. A few days later, Kim Seon-ho admitted everything with a short apology with no refutation nor excuses. After that, the actor dropped out of all his next shows and was deleted from all commercial content. However, the controversy exploded again when his ex-girlfriend’s real name, job, and private information were disclosed one after another, raising suspicions of distorted truths.

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