Dispatch reveals misunderstood things in Kim Seon Ho’s controversy with exclusive insights

Dispatch asks weather forecast announcer-turned-influencer Choi Young-ah, speculated to be ex-girlfriend A, to explain the misunderstood things in her incident with actor Kim Seon Ho 

In a recent article, Dispatch asks Choi Young-ah to answer 12 questions about her relationship with Kim Seon-ho and urges netizens to stop making speculations. The article is as below.

Choi Young-ah said that she met Kim Seon-ho by chance at the end of 2019 at an acquaintances’ meeting and started a relationship with him in early March, 2020. It was in mid-March that she admitted her divorced status to him.

Kim Seon-ho was a little shocked at first. He consulted with his friend. Even though people around him opposed the relationship, he said, “I will go out with her because I like her. Of course, my parents will be worried. But (for me) there’s nothing different about her being a divorced woman.”

Kim Seon-ho
Picture 1: The two of them having a date at Pocheon pet cafe in October, 2020

Kim Seon-ho wanted to (stay by her side) and protect her.

① They also traveled to Busan and Gapyeong, the zoo, amusement parks, and the suburbs of Seoul a lot.

Choi Young-ah revealed that their relationship had to be hidden and they couldn’t even hold hands outside. Dispatch asks, “We don’t know why you (Choi Young-ah) have to distort even these little happy moments.”

②Did Kim Seon-ho change after the abortion? Dispatch then proceeds to upload a message made on July 8th, 2020, which is believed to be Choi Young-ah’s apology for cheating on Kim Seon-ho. ③ The apology says,

kim seon ho AAA

Kim Seon-ho consulted this problem with a friend.

Below is their Kakaotalk conversation.

  • Kim Seon-ho: I broke up with my girlfriend. It’s really ridiculous.
  • Friend A: In the morning?
  • Kim Seon-ho: She got caught lying early in the morning yesterday. I forgave her (in the past). But (this time) she got caught lying while pretending that she didn’t go to someplace with a man (but in fact she did).
  • Kim Seon-ho: But the problem is that when I brought it up, she thought it was a different man and was talking about meeting another man. 
  • Friend A: She did meet  a lot of other men.
  • Kim Seon-ho: She said she met him for work, but he didn’t want to talk about the whole thing.
  • Kim Seon-ho: I said I wouldn’t be jealous even if she (Choi Young-ah) went to a club and or a place with a man. To be honest, I only asked he to be honest and send me a text message when she got home, but she betrayed me (again). 
  • Friend A: That’s all we want, but (they) always…
  • Kim Seon-ho: One time my filming ended early, I asked what she was doing and she told me she was sleeping. So I went to her house with a gift, but she wasn’t at home, neither was her car. She promised not to lie after that. I’m so mad (this time).
  • Friend A: You should meet another girl. Don’t date someone who hurts you.
Kim Seon-ho

The next day, Kim Seon-ho forgave Choi Young-ah after listening to the advice of his junior B. B said, “She says she won’t do that again. You should accept her apology. Lee B is Kim Seon-ho’s closest junior. It’s the play actor B that Choi Young-ah wrote in the exposing post. They are like brothers to each other, and the two trust each other the most.

“Shall we talk about July 24th and 27th, 2020?”

According to Dispatch, Choi Young-ah confirmed her pregnancy on July 24. She called Kim Seon-ho while crying and sent a text message. In the opposite of her revealing post that says, “(Kim Seon-ho) sent a garbage answer” (to her), ④B confirmed that Kim Seon-ho thought it was a good thing at first, but got scared later. “He thought a lot about it. Unfortunately, they were very sad but agreed to let the baby go. And he asked me to help sincerely,” B said.

On July 27, B was waiting in the parking lot. The two came down later than the scheduled time, didn’t they? According to Dispatch, Choi Young-ah suddenly changed her words, so the conversation became longer.

“Both came down with swollen eyes. This decision would not have been easy for them. While I was in the hospital with her, he went to buy ingredients to cook seaweed soup although he’s not good at cooking…” (B said). This was what happened before and after the abortion that Dispatch has confirmed so far.

Kim Seon-ho

Kim Seon-ho continued to cook seaweed soup for two weeks. In fact, he once said, “I know how to cook seaweed soup”, and recited the recipe of the seaweed soup in “2 Days 1 Night”. ⑤ Choi Young-ah knows this. Who did he cook the seaweed for anyways…

However, Choi Young-ah wrote, “After the child was aborted, Kim Seon-ho’s attitudes changed”. She accused him, “He promised and made me believe in his lie that he would introduce me to his parents then we would get married.”

Dispatch asked Choi Young-ah another question. ⑥ Kim Seon-ho didn’t introduce you to his parents, right? (Although she didn’t reveal anything about her divorce,) Kim Seon-ho still welcomed Choi Young-ah as his “girlfriend” proudly.

Dispatch met another acquaintance – C. That friend knew this, too. C also said after the abortion, Choi Young-ah met Kim Seon-ho’s parents, greeted them, ate meals, and even slept at his parents’ house.

“Since then, Young-ah became closer to Seon-ho’s parents. Seon-ho did try to make Young-ah believe in his words. They adopted a Shiba dog and named it ‘Ho-a’ for her to not feel lonely whenever she’s alone.” (C said)

kim seon ho

⑦ Dispatch mentioned Choi Young-ah’s accusation about “money”.

“Since he had a poor childhood, he became really obsessed with money. He sent me 2 million won for abortion and hospital fees.” (Choi Young-ah said). You framed Kim Seon-ho with “money”. You made him become a person who forced an abortion to avoid the penalties, and a person who only paid only 2 million won after getting rid of his child.

Unfortunately, your acquaintance – D told a completely different story to Dispatch. “Spending money on luxury things put Kim Seon-ho in difficult situations. ⑧ She bought a luxury bag worth 7 million won on Christmas. She didn’t use her personal credit card but received the money from Kim Seon-ho. She bragged about that, so all of her friends knew.” D added that they were speechless after reading “only 2 million won”, (although D is Choi Young-ah’s friend)

“I’ve never seen Choi Young-ah paid for anything. Most of the time, the bills were paid by Kim Seon-ho. Does Kim Seon-ho like luxury items? Everyone around me knows who’s actually the one that is obsessed with luxury things.” (D said). C and D, whom Dispatch met, are all Choi Young-ah’s acquaintances. In short, they’re her friends. However, they decided to be on Kim Seon-ho’s side. They shared, “The truth has been distorted”.

  • “Choi Young-ah was also worried about getting an abortion. In fact, this is a problem that would make anyone worried.”
  • “You must be tired of lying. This is an irony of criticizing Kim Seon-ho”
  • “She was overly obsessed. I even opened my phone to check the text messages and DMs.
  •  “After falling down, I hope Kim Seon-ho could come back. In the end, the case turned out to be like that.”

This is the content that Dispatch confirmed. Choi Young-ah, did your friends lie about anything? We have already checked all the facts.

kim seon ho

On January 11, 2021, Dispatch received an email

The email in which Choi Young-ah and her ex-husband’s reason for their divorce, and Kim Seon-ho’s story were included.

“Dear Mrs. Choi Young-ah, who reported this to us? We don’t know. That was an anonymous report. ⑨ But you went around saying, “People related to my ex-husband threaten me,” right?”

Kim Seon-ho’s acquaintance, E, was aware of the incident at the time. He remembered events from January to April. Because it was a “shocking” situation for normal people like him. “Kim Seon-ho once confessed that he was having a hard time because of the situation regarding Choi Young-ah. He is threatened, there are gangsters involved, the ex-husband’s wife is harassed, they’re filing lawsuits, etc… They were stories that I couldn’t take.”

According to E, ⑩ Choi Young-ah has numerous video files and recordings. We heard there’s a video clip of Kim Seonho’s daily life taken without his consent. “Kim Seon-ho and Choi Young-ah once checked each other’s KakaoTalk messages. At that time, Kim Seon-ho found out about the existence of numerous videos and recording files stored on Choi Young-ah’s computer. Think about it in a different way. Isn’t it scary?”

“Mrs Choi Young-ah, your relationship still went on after that, right? We heard that you two dated until April 2021, and you ended your relationship in May. You had an abortion in July 2020 and broke up in May 2021. ⑪ Did nothing happen in these 10 months? Have you been as peaceful as any other couple for these 10 months? Did you get a breakup notice out of the blue?

Kim Seon-ho

Dispatch has met many people over the past week and has heard a lot of stories. Even your acquaintances contacted Dispatch first. They consistently said that you guys didn’t break up because you were pregnant. ⑫ Rather, they pointed out the problems you have and the actions you have done.

Mrs. Choi Young-ah, we know what you’ve been through. However, this is not a social problem. It’s a relationship problem between you two. There are numerous circumstances in meeting and parting. I’m sure Mrs Choi Young-ah knows better.

The misunderstanding has been resolved? That’s a relief. We’ll ask you one last question. Is it okay to cause a misunderstanding? We wonder if you are happy.

Finally, here is what junior B has said.

“Seon-ho hyung is like that. It’s true that he left his child… Still, he tried to understand because she was someone he loved. He doesn’t want to fight over his private life in front of the whole nation. So instead of responding, he apologized. Seon-ho is that kind of person. He just had the same, normal relationship as others. He has never hidden Young-ah. I’ve seen it all.”

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