Lim Se-ryung’s Daesang Holdings Stock Prices Soared Thanks To Photo Of Her Boyfriend Lee Jung-jae

Lim Se-ryung earned great stock profits after a photo of Minister Han Dong-hoon and Lee Jung-jae was released

On November 28th, Daesang Holdings’ stocks closed at the price of 11,290 won, an up of 2,270 won (25.17%) from the previous trading day. In particular, the stock price rose to the daily limit of 11,720 won during the trading session.

In particular, the preferred stock of Daesang Holdings hit the daily limit for two consecutive days. It is rare for the stock of a holding company to reach the daily limit. As such, Daesang Holdings hit the daily limit again for the first time in 3 years and 8 months.

Lee Jung-jae

What contributed to this unusual surge is the impact of the photo featuring Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon and actor Lee Jung-jae taken at a Galbi restaurant in Seocho-gu, Seoul on November 26th.

Minister Han Dong-hoon and actor Lee Jung-jae are both alumni of Seoul Hyundai High School Year 05. The revelation of the two’s connection led to stocks related to Daesang Group being interpreted as “Han Dong-hoon’s theme stock” among investors. However, compared to other theme stocks, it has received relatively less attention from the market.

It is estimated that the unusual stock price surge of Daesang Holdings also increased the stake value of Vice Chairman Lim Se-ryung, who has been dating Lee Jung-jae for a long time, significantly. Vice Chairman Lim Se-ryung is the second-largest shareholder of Daesang Holdings, and she currently holds 7,389,242 shares (20,41%).

With the recent increase of over 20% in stock prices, her share values soared even further. Based on the closing stock price of 11,290 won, Vice Chairman Im’s stake value was calculated to be 83,4 billion won. Within only two trading days, she has accumulated more than 32 billion won in valuation gains. Since she did not sell stocks at the current price, it is not a realized profit.

Lee Jung-jae

Source: Wikitree

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