EXO’s Suho, “I dedicated 90% of my 20s to EXO. I want to put more weight on acting in my 30s”

Suho has already celebrated his 11th year as a member of EXO, but he is also a promising actor

With a good script, good cast, and good staff, his latest drama “Behind Your Touch” remained meaningful to Suho.


Suho said, “Not long ago, the broadcast of “Behind Your Touch” ended with episode 16. Recently, the director, cast, and staff gathered to have a dinner party at the end of the show. Fortunately the drama ended safely without anyone seriously injured. We congratulated each other (for the end of the program) and hoped for each other’s well-being and happiness.”

He added “I want to be an actor like Han Ji-min and Lee Min-ki in 10 years, and a person like director Kim Seok-yoon in 20 to 30 years,” Suho said. He said, “I don’t know what Ji-min nuna and Min-ki hyung will think, but they are people who I want to be close to forever. I had a lot of scenes with Han Ji-min. We talked a lot during the break.”

Lastly, Suho said, “After turning 30, EXO members respect and support each other in what we want to do. As I spent 90% of my 20s on EXO’s activities, I want to increase the weight of acting in my 30s and continue to do so,” he said.

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