Fans Raise Concerns Over The New Agency Of Actress Jo Bo-ah

Fans are worried about Jo Bo-ah’s new agency XYZ STUDIO, which was recently revealed to be a subsidiary of Blade Ent

On April 17th, Blade Ent stated, “Last year, our company established a separate management subsidiary called XYZ to expand our actor management business.”

The predecessor of Blade Ent is Unidus, known as the “world’s No.1 condom manufacturer”. Since 2017, Unidus acquired Gyeongnam Pharmaceutical and entered new businesses. After several name changes, they started using Blade Ent in 2022 and have been focusing on entertainment management.

jo bo ah

On March 22nd, Blade Ent delayed the submission of the company audit report due to a delay in receiving audit reports from their subsidiaries.

Jo Bo-ah’s agency XYZ STUDIO is one of Blade Ent’s subsidiaries founded in partnership with Kim Hyung-dae, who previously worked at Keyeast in the actor management division. This new agency is promoting their name and gaining trust by using Keyeast’s name, for example, saying “Keyeast staff members united to set up a new agency”, “Jo Bo-ah, Ji Hye-won, Jang Yoon-joo, etc., who have worked with us in Keyeast, also part of our agency”, etc.

jo bo ah

In fact, Keyeast has faced a series of contract expirations from last year, from Kim Eui-sung to Yoo Hae-jin, Go Ah-sung, Lee Dong-hwi, Jung Eun-chae, Ji Hye-won, Jang Yoon-joo, Jung Sung-il, etc. The situation began to raise questions as their popular actress Moon Ga-young also did not renew her contract. 

An insider pointed out, “In the case of Jo Bo-ah, former members of Keyeast already discussed with the actress about their new company so she signed a contract with them based on their trust in each other”.

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