Jung Eun-ji, the mediator between brothers full of distrust Ok Taec-yeon and Ha Seok-jin (“Blind”)

Ok Taec-yeon, Ha Seok-jin and Jung Eun-ji form a special team.

In tvN’s Friday-Saturday drama “Blind” (written by Kwon Ki-kyung, directed by Shin Yong-hwi, produced by Studio Dragon, Fantagio), Ryu Sung-joon (Ok Taec-yeon), Ryu Sung-hoon (Ha Seok-jin) and Jo Eun-gi (Jung Eun-ji) are caught meeting, drawing attention.

Currently, Ryu Sung-joon is hiding with Jo Eun-gi’s help while being framed as a murderer. Jo Eun-gi suggested that Ryu Sung-joon get help from his brother Ryu Sung-hoon. After persuading the skeptical Ryu Sung-joon, an encounter between brothers was made.


However, as Ryu Sung-joon predicted “If he knows where I am, he will report it right away”, everyone could not help but sigh at the attitude of Ryu Sung-hoon, who delivered it to the police immediately. However, the moment Ryu Sung-hoon appeared in Ryu Sung-joon’s hideout, it was revealed that everything was a plan to meet his younger brother safely, giving viewers a thrilling reversal of pleasure.

In the photos released along with this, Ryu Sung-joon and Ryu Sung-hoon, who had a dramatic reunion, catch the eye. Ryu Sung-joon’s expression while hugging Ryu Sung-hoon is full of overwhelming emotions as if he had completely washed away the sense of betrayal he had for a while. However, as usual, Ryu Sung-hoon responded with a cold and dull attitude. The contrasting temperature difference adds to the irony of the brothers’ meeting.

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Above all, Ryu Sung-hoon’s expression is so cold that people cannot believe he is the person who protected Ryu Sung-joon from the police and Baek Moon-kang (Kim Beop-rae) even though he betrayed the principles and beliefs he had been keeping. While the two men are in a mysterious atmosphere, Jo Eun-gi calmly subsides. The combination of the three raises tension.

Curiosity is bound to increase over whether Ryu Sung-joon, Ryu Sung-hoon and Jo Eun-gi will be able to build a peaceful alliance. Accordingly, Ryu Sung-hoon plans to try to make a deal with Ryu Sung-joon under one condition before starting to solve the case in earnest.


Can the brothers, who have been like walking on thin ice, become a little closer through this incident? Viewers are looking forward to the teamwork between detective Ryu Sung-joon, judge Ryu Sung-hoon and juror Jo Eun-gi.

The murder case truth-tracking chemistry of Ok Taec-yeon, Ha Seok-jin and Jung Eun-ji can be found in episode 6 of tvN’s Friday-Saturday drama “Blind”, which will be broadcast at 10:40 PM today (Oct 1st).

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