Fans Express Concern Over IVE Gaeul and Liz’s Reaction to “Either Way” MV

IVE’s Gaeul and Liz are believed to be upset about their lacking MV screen time

Recently, fans of IVE’s Gaeul and Liz have expressed concern over the two’s emotional state during a video reaction to the group’s “Either Way” MV. They believe that the two may be feeling down due to their lack of screen time. 

In the comments section of the video posted on Starship Ent YouTube channel, fans said they couldn’t help but notice that both Gaeul and Liz appeared rather somber. 

Fans empathize with Gaeul and Liz’s potential disappointment and have taken to social media platforms like X/Twitter to voice their concerns. Many fans believe that the two deserve more recognition and screen time to shine.

Meanwhile, following the first “Either Way”, on October 6 at 1 PM KST, IVE pre-released the second title track, “Off The Record,” from their upcoming album ‘IVE MINE.’

While “Either Way,” released earlier, focuses on the feeling of not being free from others’ gazes, “Off The Record” conveys the story of another aspect of ‘self’ with more vivid emotions.

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