HOT: Nancy’s MOMOLAND center position was replaced by Yeonwoo in the lastest album cover

One of the most beautiful MOMOLAND members was chosen for the center position in the teaser images for their upcoming mini album.

On the morning of June 19th, MOMOLAND unveiled the official photo for the album cover “Fun to the World” which is scheduled to release on June 26th.
This photo immediately made MOMOLAND fandom and KPOP fans surprised at the center position, which was usually reserved for Nancy, now is replaced by another member. That girl is Yeonwoo, one of the prettiest member in MOMOLAND, judged by many fans and non-fans.
The official cover album with Yeonwoo in center
The position was regularly assumed by Nancy before
Of course, fans have mixed opinions to this decision of the managemment company MML Entertainment. Some people support this innovation, praise MML Ent. for sharing the opportunities for the rest members of group, besides Nancy and JooE. While others are worried that Nancy not standing in the middle will make MOMOLAND’s image become more strange to the public, especially when the group has just rose the fame with the hit “Bboom Bboom” and their reputation is not really stable.
Currently, there is no basis for evaluating Yeonwoo’s center abilities, if she will continue holding this position in title MV “BAAM” or not. Well, while waiting for the lastest music of MOMOLAND, let’s check the impresive teaser images MML Entertainment has released for this important promotion.

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