Fans Discover LE SSERAFIM Sakura’s Unreleased Signed Polaroids Sold on Website for Used Goods 

LE SSERAFIM Sakura’s unreleased polaroids are suddenly sold online, sparking controversy 

Fans of LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura were recently abuzz with the discovery of eight polaroid photos with Sakura’s signature that had never before been seen. These polaroids surfaced unexpectedly on Bunjang, a popular Korean platform for buying and selling used goods.

It seems that Sakura had taken a total of 12 polaroid photos as benefits for those who buy HERDES, but her company, SOURCE MUSIC, only sent four of them to the magazine HERDES, the magazine in question. 


The remaining eight polaroids were sold online, stirring up controversy among fans, as they are questioning why SOURCE MUSIC didn’t distribute all twelve polaroids as intended. This has led to HERDES magazine facing a refusal from the company to provide additional benefits, despite their requests.

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