4 reasons why TWICE no longer has a good digital performance in Korea

Controversial singing skills, having too many comebacks in a year, and members constantly being involved in dating rumors have made TWICE lose their impact with each comeback.

TWICE is one of the most famous 3rd generation Kpop girl groups. During 2016 – 2018, the group earned many impressive achievements, affirming the position of “the No.1 girl group” in the Kpop industry. However, since BLACKPINK rose to the top, TWICE’s impact gradually declined, giving up the “throne” to their rival from YG.

From 2020 until now, TWICE‘s comebacks are no longer explosive in terms of digital performance. Especially during the latest comeback with the title song “SCIENTIST”, TWICE’s rankings on domestic digital charts dropped dramatically. On November 15, SCIENTIST was at No. 66 on the Melon chart – a disappointing ranking considering the fact that the song has only been released for 3 days. This situation is in contrast to TWICE‘s digital performance during the peak of their career. What could be the reasons?

1. Too many comebacks in a year, the hype is gone

This is the biggest reason why the public is no longer interested in TWICE‘s music. On average, TWICE makes 2-3 comebacks in Korea every year. Up to now, the JYP girl group has released 5 full albums, 11 mini-albums, not to mention singles and repackage albums. Although the group still does well in physical album sales, the digital performance can hardly depend on the fandom when the public is the one who decides the rankings of the songs.

But constant comebacks by TWICE make the public feel "overwhelmed"
But constant comebacks by TWICE make the public feel “overwhelmed”

Frequent comebacks can reduce the hype, because the public is so familiar with the group. The fact that TWICE continuously releases new music also makes it difficult for the company to guarantee the quality of each comeback, so it is hard for the group to attract new fans. Despite experimenting with a new concept, it is not easy for TWICE to draw much attention from netizens. TWICE’s comeback no longer brings excitement, piques curiosity, anticipation or surprise for the public.

2. Constantly getting embroiled in dating rumors

For a girl group with a large fanboy ratio like TWICE, it would be a problem if the members constantly get involved in dating rumors. During the peak of their career, TWICE won the audience’s hearts for their pure and sweet girl-next-door image. That is a strong point and also the biggest charisma of the JYP girl group. However, the dating rumors of Jihyo, Momo, and Chaeyoung caused TWICE‘s overall charm to decrease, breaking the group’s innocent and lovely image. Male fans are not as loyal as female fans, so when new generation girl groups debut, they will turn their attention to rookies, and gradually “ignore” TWICE.

TWICE's cute, innocent "girlfriend" image
TWICE’s cute, innocent “girlfriend” image
was significantly affected after the group changed their concept and got involved in many dating rumors
was significantly affected after the group changed their concept and got involved in many dating rumors

3. Controversial singing skills

TWICE is one of the most famous girl groups right now, but it is often entangled in controversies about its skills. They are even said to be inferior to girl groups from small and medium companies.  Every comeback, TWICE is criticized for their ability to sing live.  Encore stages became a “nightmare” of the group.  The public’s skepticism about TWICE‘s talent made the group gradually lose points.  Non-fans will feel impatient with TWICE, and when they have many new artists to support, it is understandable that TWICE is gradually “ignored”.

Momo’s “legendary” encore stage
Momo’s “legendary” encore stage

Furthermore, JYP bears some of the blame for constantly giving them songs with tones that exceed TWICE‘s vocal range. The pitch of TWICE songs is becoming increasingly higher as time passes. Songs like Heart Shaker and Knock Knock used to have high notes in the TWICE vocal range. However, from Likey to Dance The Night Away, Fancy and I Cant Stop Me, Nayeon or Jihyo all had a hard time handling high notes. This situation makes it extremely difficult for TWICE to perform live and then be criticized for an extended period of time.

4. No individuals’ activities

After the disbandment of Miss A – the group that is considered “Suzy and friends” – JYP rarely promotes individual activities.  For TWICE, the company focuses on promoting group activities to maintain the fandom’s solidarity.  This strategy may no longer work.

The fan-only phenomenon exploded after the reality show Produce series aired. Although fan-only or akgae are contentious in the fan community, it is impossible to deny that they have made a significant contribution to album sales or competition for achievements in favor of idols.

4 reasons why TWICE no longer has a good digital performance in Korea

If TWICE is allowed to do solo activities, the members will both have the opportunity to show their own charms and develop their individual fandoms.  In addition, solo activities also create the necessary “break time”, both giving the group time to hone their skills and prolonging their absence, which makes the public eagerly wait for their new products. No need for solo campaigns that take time to prepare and invest resources from the company, as long as each TWICE member has a personal Instagram account, it is enough for the group to attract new fans.  However, for some reason, JYP still refused to allow TWICE to do more solo activities.

4 reasons why TWICE no longer has a good digital performance in Korea

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