Famous stars who graduated from the legendary Class of 1997 of Seoul Institute of the Arts

Seoul Institute of the Arts’s Class of 97 is known to have introduced many talents who made remarkable achievements in the Korean entertainment industry. Let’s find out who they are!

house on the wheels 4

In the third episode of tvN’s entertainment program “House on Wheels 4”, which aired on October 27th, three actors Sung Dong-il, Kim Hee-won, and Ro Woon were seen traveling to  Jeju with actress Kim Ha-neul, whom they had never met before.

When Kim Ha-neul met the other three for the first time, she cautiously said to Kim Hee-won, “I went to the same school as you. I heard we graduated in the same year.”

house on the wheels

Revealing that he studied in the Department of Theater, Kim Hee-won said, “I went to school late. That’s why I went to the Class of 1997”. Kim Ha-neul responded, “I was in the Department of Film. That’s why we didn’t have a chance to bump into each other”.

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Kim Hee-won continued, “During my school days, at least once…”, adding “Did you often go to school?”, drawing laughter.

Kim Ha-neul replied, “I worked hard at school. But I couldn’t go to school whenever there was a shooting schedule”. In fact, Kim Ha-neul had been working as a model even before entering university. 

kim ha neul

Kim Hee-won shared, “I had to go to school every day”, adding “I had to show up at school every day because I was the student council president”. When asked who their classmates were, Kim Hee-won and Kim Ha-neul recalled the past and said,Moon Hee-joon was studying in the Department of Broadcasting and Entertainment at that time. It was when H.O.T was active so he was extremely famous”.

Kim Hee-won said, “The Broadcasting & Entertainment and Theater used to be one department. Every day when Moon Hee-joon came to school, I saw many high school students in front of our school gate”, revealing Moon Hee-joon’s popularity at that time. In response, Sung Dong-il exclaimed, “All the people who made a big achievement for Korea were there”.

moon hee jun

Kim Hee-won and Kim Ha-neul entered Seoul National University of Arts in 1997, the former name of Seoul Institute of the Arts. At that time, all departments studied at Namsan Campus.

kim hee won

In addition to Kim Ha-neul, Kim Hee-won, and Moon Hee-joon, actors, including Park Gun-hyung, Park Hyuk-won, Bae Sung-woo and Lee Chun-hee, are also known to have graduated from the Class of 1997 at the Seoul Institute of the Arts. 

kim ha neul house on the wheels

When Kim Ha-neul asked, “Why is Ro Woon so silent?”, Ro Woon revealed that he was born in 1996. In response, Kim Ha-neul commented, “I shouldn’t have asked such a question. You’re so young”, drawing laughter.

house on the wheels

Source: Daum

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