Famous Japanese Singer Spends $110 A Minute At Adult Show And Says It’s Worth It

Japanese singer Feng Tian proudly reveals that he enjoyed an adult show

Japanese singer Feng Tian (Masaya Toyota) proudly revealed that he went to an adult show at a press conference for “Today’s Recommendation,” a newly aired program on November 3rd and 17th.

He said he paid about $110 a minute to find a woman to dance with at the adult show and it was worth it. He then continued his unconventional story by saying that he could date an AV actress in the future.

Feng Tian

Feng Tian also indirectly mentioned his sex life, saying he has been single for more than a year but has never done “one night stands” because he doesn’t go out much. As for the reason why he is not in a relationship, he replied, “I’m afraid of paparazzi.”

Feng Tian also revealed his favorite AV actress. He admired an AV actress named Shinoda Yu, saying, “She has an Asian face but a western body.”

Meanwhile, Feng Tian was born in 1992 and originally modeled and participated in a number of international fashion shows. Later, he became a member of the Taiwanese boy group, SpeXial. In addition, he is actively engaged in various activities, taking charge of TV host positions.

Source: daum

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