EXO’s Suho Talks About First Historical Drama And Weekend Drama Competition With Kim Soo-hyun & Lee Je-hoon

EXO’s Suho expressed his feelings about challenging a historical drama for the first time with “Missing Crown Prince”.

The press conference for MBN’s new weekend drama “Missing Crown Prince” took place at Stanford Hotel in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul on the morning of April 12th with the attendance of Suho, Hong Ye-ji, Myung Se-bin, Kim Joo-hyun, Kim Min-gyu, and director Kim Jin-man.

“Missing Crown Prince” is a Joseon romantic comedy drama telling about a crown prince who is kidnapped by the woman who will become his wife.

Must Win Over Myself First

Regarding his historical genre challenge, Suho shared, “It was not easy to portray the historical dialogue tone in the Joseon Dynasty, but I found the story interesting after reading the script”, adding “As a fan of ‘Kill Me Heal Me’, I wanted to overcome such pressure and took on the challenge after knowing that director Kim Jin-man would direct it.”

When asked about his preparation for this historical drama, Suho mentioned his concerns over the dialogue tone. He said, “There’s a signature accent in historical dramas, so I watched many other dramas of senior actors. I learned the voice tone in historical dramas in the same way as how I learned English”, adding “I tried to walk, talk and do everything in a calm way to express the attitude of a crown prince”.

“Missing Crown Prince” is a spinoff of “Bossam: Steal the Fate” (2021) written by the same writers Park Chul and Kim Jj-soo. Kwon Yu-ri, a senior singer and actress of Suho from SM Entertainment, starred in “Bossam”. In this regard, Suho shared, “I enjoyed ‘Bossam’. I congratulated her at the gym upon hearing her casting news”, adding “She gave me advice and praised the writers a lot. In fact the writers and I spent a lot of time discussing my character, the crown prince”.

Must Win Over Myself First-quên ò tears

Releasing its first episode on April 13th, “Missing Crown Prince” will face tvN’s popular drama “Queen of Tears”, starring Kim Soo-hyun, and Lee Je-hoon’s upcoming drama “Chief Detective 1958”, scheduled to premiere via MBC on the 19th, in the weekend drama competition. Suho shared, “All the weekend dramas are very interesting. I’ll watch other dramas on OTT platforms and watch ‘Missing Crown Prince’ on TV”.

He continued, “Of course, there’s pressure but I always think I should fight against myself rather than compete with other works. I’m not worried about the competition because I have to win over myself first”, conveying his determination.

Suho added, “There are not many historical series recently. Since other dramas airing that the same time are not historical dramas, I think ‘Missing Crown Prince’ will satisfy viewers who want to watch a well-made historical story.”

“Missing Crown Prince” will premiere on MBN at 9:40 p.m. on April 13th.

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