EXO’s Intense Selection Process Revealed: One Member Eliminated Weekly

The selection process leading to EXO’s final lineup is reminiscent of survival shows

Former EXO member Lay (Zhang Yixing) recently shed light on the journey of selecting members for the final debut lineup of EXO. 

Speaking about SM Entertainment’s rigorous process, Lay disclosed that from 120 trainees, only 100 were chosen. This number was then further narrowed down to 60, then 24, and finally, only 12 were selected to debut.

lay exo

What makes this selection process particularly notable is the revelation that one member was eliminated every week. This is reminiscent of survival reality shows like “Produce 101.” 

The candid insight provided by Lay has showcased the immense pressure and uncertainty faced by idols during their trainee years. The dream of debuting in a successful K-pop group like EXO is undoubtedly alluring, but the challenging reality of the industry is just as daunting. 

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