Honey Lee confirmed to be dating a non-celebrity

Actress Honey Lee admitted that she is dating a non-celebrity.

On Nov 8th, Saram Entertainment officially announced that Honey Lee is currently in a relationship. According to the official position, Honey Lee is seriously dating someone she met earlier this year through an acquaintance. The agency shared, “However, since the other party is a non-celebrity, we ask for your understanding so that there is no damage caused by disclosure of personal information or excessive interest. Please keep a warm eye on them so that they can maintain their beautiful relationship in the future.”

Honey Lee dating

Earlier, a media outlet reported that Honey Lee is currently dating a non-celebrity boyfriend. It was known that the two became close due to common interests and introduced each other to acquaintances. An insider revealed, “It seems that they are also considering marriage.”

Honey Lee dating

Meanwhile, Honey Lee successfully led the series “One the Woman”, which ended on Nov 6th. Honey Lee proudly established herself as one of the top stars through her acting transformation as she did not hesitate to play a comical role in “One the Woman”. The actress recently finished filming for the movie “Alien” and her work “Killing Romance” is about to be released soon.

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