EXO’s former member used to lie about his leaving reason

The fact that every time, he shared a different reason for his leaving made the audience confused and could not know when he was telling the truth.

Participating in radio REAL 92.3 LA on 10 Nov, Kris Wu firstly shared the reason for his leaving EXO in May 2014. Through the show, this former member of EXO said that, he debuted as an idol in 2012 in Korea. However, during his time working with the group, Kris had no freedom for himself.

Mentioning about SM Entertaining, Kris affirmed that the company strictly controlled all the group’s activities. Especially, at work, EXO was only allowed to sing the songs selected by their company, which made him want to immediately end the contract with SM to come back to China.

kris wu, exo, sm, 2017
In more than 2 years after coming back his hometown and developing his own career, Kris Wu can finally concentrate on his own music.

Before, in 2014, Kris Wu officially left EXO, a famous Korean group, because of his heart disease. Moreover, he also revealed his health check-up profile as an evidence of being unable to continue working with the group.
That time, he said it was because SM was strict. This time, he shared the reason was his health status.

kris wu, exo, sm, 2017
What was the exact reason that made Kris decide to leave one of the most famous and wanted Kpop groups?

Surprisingly, after leaving Korea because of his unstable health status, the young idol kept releasing his music products and participating in movie projects in his hometown. When Kris left EXO, many people used to criticize him for his telling lies time after time about the reason for leaving the group. However, he had no response.
Coming back to Chinese entertainment industry, Kris Wu still keeps participating in entertainment activities. This rapper used to be an actor in many movies such as “Hóa ra anh vẫn ở đây, The world where only we know, Lão Pháo Nhi“. Furthermore, he also played a new role, a judge of Rap of China show.

kris wu,Travis Scott, Deserve, exo, sm, 2017
Recently, the song “Deserve”, a collaboration between Kris and Travis Scott, got an amazing achievement on Billboard chart.
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