Jung Woo-sung Sends Bitter Advice To Fellow Actors, “Don’t Just Ask People To Watch Your Movies”

Actor Jung Woo-sung had a sincere conversation with Sung Si-kyung

On November 30th, singer Sung Si-kyung’s YouTube channel uploaded a new video titled “My youth’s actor Jung Woo-sung is in front of me…”.

When asked if he drinks alcohol a lot these days, Jung Woo-sung replied, “I recently filmed a drama. I didn’t drink alcohol for a while because it’s a melodrama. The works I had done before were all about fierce performances between men so a face with stress and tiredness actually helped my characters”, adding “However, I filmed a melodrama after a long time so I thought I shouldn’t show a tired face. I didn’t drink for 5 months.”

The actor also revealed his thoughts on the environment of Korean films. Sung Si-kyung called “12.12: The Day” ‘a movie with splendid casting and acting that is not a waste of money’. Hearing that, Jung Woo-sung said, “ Korean films are often overshadowed by opinions like ‘Korean movies are facing crisis’, ‘Korean film industry is having a hard time. Please come to the cinema to watch it’. That’s shameless”

He explained, “Even on my work days, I often spend time in the morning going to the theater to watch all the Korean movies that are being screened these days”, adding “At some point, buying tickets has become too easy. In the past, we needed to make a reservation in advance. There used to be sofas in the cinema lobby so that viewers could sit there for 10-20 minutes after buying tickets. I recently went to see ‘The Boys’ and the sofas were gone. Seems like theaters are cutting down on staff. Having sofas means they need to clean them regularly.”

Jung Woo-sung emphasized, “I noticed the disappearance of the sofas right away because I’m an actor who watches all the movies in theaters. I also want to ask other actors whether they know that or whether they feel the change. Don’t just ask people to visit the theaters to watch your movies. I want to say this bitter thing. Whether it is a movie starring other actors, or a short movie, or a low-budget movie, you need to go to the theater to watch it. Act like you are an audience.”

Source: Nate

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