EXID’s Junghwa shares behind-the-scenes photos from “Mask Girl”

Despite having limited screen time in Mask Girl, EXID Junghwa left an impression on viewers.

Every cast member of the trending series “Mask Girl” is gaining attention. Among them is EXID member Junghwa. Even though she only had a small role in 2 episodes, she captivated the audience with her charming presence.


On her Instagram, Junghwa recently shared various behind-the-scenes photos on the set of “Mask Girl”. Among these, the most attention-grabbing were the photos of Junghwa with on-screen romantic partner Choi Daniel.

In “Mask Girl”, Choi Daniel and Junghwa portrayed a pair of boss and secretary engaged in an affair.


The cast members had joyful moments during the filming of “Mask Girl”.

Junghwa shared a photo of her ID card with the character name “Lee Areum.” She played a beautiful secretary who is adored by the entire office, but in reality, she is having an affair with her married boss.

Despite appearing in only 2 episodes, Junghwa’s beautiful appearance quickly captured the hearts of the audience.

Born in 1995, Junghwa debuted with EXID in 2012. In the group, she is the maknae and takes on the roles of main dancer and visual. Currently, Junghwa is active as an actress.

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