Choi Min-young, Nam Joo-hyuk’s younger brother in “Twenty-five, Twenty-one”, signed with Honey Lee’s agency 8 years after his debut

Actor Choi Min-young, who is passionately showing his role in “Twenty-five, Twenty-one,” joined hands with Saram Entertainment.

Choi Min-young

On Mar 31st, Saram Entertainment announced that it has signed an exclusive contract with actor Choi Min-young.

Currently, Choi Min-young is appearing as Baek Yi-hyun, the younger brother of Baek Yi-jin (Nam Joo-hyuk) on tvN’s hit drama “Twenty-five, Twenty-one.”

In the series, he showed the reliable aspect of a young boy supporting his brother, who became his guardian, and his soft-hearted side as he had a hard time being bullied by his friends after his family collapsed due to the IMF.

Choi Min-young

Choi Min-young is receiving favorable reviews from the public for playing a role that enhanced the immersion of the plot with his colorful and delicate emotional acting.

Saram Entertainment said, “As he is an actor with endless capabilities, we Saram Entertainment will fully support to maximize Choi Min-young’s abilities.”

Rookie Choi Min-young is actually an actor of 9 years in the industry. He entered the entertainment industry in 2014 with KBS2’s “The Promise.”

He then appeared as a child actor in several works, including JTBC’s “Strong Woman Do Bong-soon”, tvN’s “Mr. Sunshine”, and JTBC’s “Itaewon Class”, drawing attention.

Choi Min-young

He also performed on the stage of musicals such as “Bonnie & Clyde”, “Empress Myeongseong”, “Frankenstein”, and “Kinky Boots”, playing an active role as a musical actor.

In particular, Choi Min-young won the “Best Actor Award” at the 2012 Korea Youth Film Festival, the grand prize at the 2020 youth musical contest “The 6th DIMF Musical Star,” proving his qualities and potential as an actor.

Expectations are high on what activities Choi Min-young, a young actor with a brilliant versatility, will carry out in the future based on his solid acting skills.

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