Model Makes Bold Statement at Cannes Film Festival with Noose Dress in Protest of Iran’s Executions

An Iranian-born model drew attention by wearing a dress that resembled a noose around her neck on the Cannes red carpet.

On May 26th, Iranian-American model Mahlagha Jaberi wore a provocative dress and appeared at the 76th Cannes International Film Festival red carpet event held in Cannes, France.


Mahlagha Jaberi wore a black halter neck dress in the shape of a noose and caused controversy as she walked up the stairs. The hem of the dress had the words “STOP EXECUTION” written on it.

After the end of the film festival, Mahlagha Jaberi posted a 30-second video on her Instagram account with the caption “Dedicated to the Iranian people.

The video shows Mahlagha Jaberi wearing a noose dress symbolizing a professorial knot, to protest the capital punishment system in her homeland. She was seen stroking her neck, closing her eyes, and wrapping her head in the video.


The background music in the video is identified as a song supporting anti-government protests in Iran. As of May 31st, the video has received approximately 140,000 likes.

Mahlagha Jaberi said the reason for wearing the noose dress was that she wanted to draw media attention to the unjust executions experienced by Iranians.


The dress’s designer explained, “I wanted to convey a message that we are fighting against Iran’s heinous crimes of executing innocent people. It may be a small movement, but it will be a step in suppressing injustice.”

Mahlagha Jaberi’s outfit received significant attention on social media, but opinions were divided. Ukraine’s Deputy Interior Minister praised Mahlagha Jaberi, saying, “More than 200 people have been executed in Iran this year alone. If the majority of them were women in politics, there would have been no more wars.


On the other hand, a left-wing American journalist criticized Mahlagha Jaberi’s actions, saying, “It is disgraceful. If she thought wearing a noose dress and filming a video would help raise awareness of the execution of innocent Iranians, it is truly embarrassing. Ending the video with the caption ‘Stop Execution’ without any explanation is not helpful.”

Meanwhile, Iran is one of the countries that carries out the most executions in the world. According to a report by the international human rights organization Amnesty International, out of the 883 executions carried out in 20 countries worldwide last year, 576 took place in Iran. 

Source: Insight. 

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