Ahn So-hee On Wearing Bikini, “Sunmi Is Even More Revealing Than Me On Stage”

Sunmi, a former member of Wonder Girls, showed off her bickering chemistry with Ahn So-hee.

On October 17th, a video was posted on Ahn So-hee‘s YouTube channel with Sunmi appearing as a guest.

In this video, Ahn So-hee introduced her best friend Sunmi and said, “It’s my friend. “It’s A.K.A. Chinneomi.”. They then explained, “We don’t call each other by name, but ‘Chinneomi’. We even saved each other’s phone number as ‘Chinnome.’ When asked about the meaning of ‘Chinnome’, the singers said, “We call each other ‘crazy’ (michinnom). Chinneomi is like that but in a cute way,” drawing laughter.

Already in their 17th year since their debut, the two talked about various things while cooking Chapagetti, a food of memories.

Sunmi asked Ahn So-hee if she liked her recent Nha Trang (Vietnam) trip, and Ahn So-hee answered, “It was really good. I strongly recommend Nha Trang.

In particular, Ahn So-hee drew attention by releasing photos taken in a pink bikini during her trip. Fans were surprised since it’s the singer’s boldest outfit since her debut. Sunmi also left a comment on Instagram, saying, “Honey.”

Referring to this, Sunmi pretended to hit her, saying, “How can you dress like that!” and Ahn So-hee responded, “You’re more than me on stage,” causing laughter. Sunmi said, “You can’t. I was going to capture your bikini picture and draw clothes and send them to you. I also posted a comment saying, “Honey,” and Ahn So-hee replied, “You were good at making silly comments on my social media,” making viewers laugh.

Sources: nate

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