Hyuna Shows Bold Charms With Tattoo Exposure In New Pictorials Ahead Of Her Comeback

Singer Hyuna confidently exuded different vibes and atmospheres in her new photoshoot on the fashion magazine WWD

On April 20th, Hyuna posted several photos on her personal SNS account. Those are her new pictorials for WWD.

The released pictures show Hyuna showcasing her bold charm in different kinds of clothes. The tattoos on her body also drew keen attention.

Hyuna will release her new album “Attitude” on May 2nd, two years after the release of “Nabillera” in 2022. This is the first album she introduces after moving to the new agency AT AREA led by the producing team GroovyRoom.

Regarding Hyuna’s new album, AT AREA said, “This album captures the honest and confident attitude of Hyuna as well as her unchanged charms. She will evolve one step further in terms of vocal and take a leap in her career as an artist”.

Earlier on January 18th, Hyuna publicized her romantic relationship with singer Yong Jun-hyung but faced criticism because of her lover’s controversial past. In 2019, Yong Jun-hyung was accused of being involved in Jung Joon-young’s chat room. Although the male singer denied the allegations, released an explanation and apologized, the fact that he received illegal videos from Jung Joon-young without watching but did not report the misbehavior still caused him to suffer a backlash from the public. 

Recently, on April 18th, Hyuna met with Jo Hyun-ah on a web entertainment show and shared, “I spend most of my time these days on choreography classes. My album will come out in the first week of May and I’ve been learning the choreography for two weeks. I also recorded songs and took vocal lessons. The rest of the time, I went on dates”, referring to her boyfriend Yong Jun-hyung. 

When asked about her feelings about people noticing her and looking at her while she’s enjoying her dates, Hyuna replied, “I don’t care”. She showed her phone wallpaper with a couple photo, saying “It gives me energy. I love it”.

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