BTS RM and Bang Si-hyuk make a surprise visit to the Japanese live broadcast site… ‘&TEAM’ debut confirmed

The debut lineup of HYBE Label Japan’s first global group – &TEAM has been revealed

Nine members of the debut group &TEAM, which has been formed from the global boy group debut project ‘&AUDITION – The Howling – FINAL ROUND’, have been confirmed.

HYBE Labels Japan announced its final debut members (Kei, Fuma, Nicholas, Uiju, Yuuma, Jo, Harua, Taki, and Maki) at the “An Audition – The Howling – Final Round,” which was broadcast live around the world on its official YouTube channel, Nihon TV and Hulu in Japan on the 3rd. &TEAM is a name given by Chairman Bang Si-hyuk himself, meaning that it is a team that connects with fans around the world through music and stage.

As HYBE Label Japan’s first global group, & TEAM tops real-time trends on Yahoo Japan, Japan’s largest portal.  The names of the members of the debut group also entered the chart, showing high interest from the public.  On Twitter, keywords related to ‘&AUDITION – The Howling’ swept the top trending of many countries around the world, including the United States, South America and Asia. 

In the final round, Chairman Bang Si-hyuk, BTS RM and ENHYPEN watched the birth process of &TEAM with the audience. In addition, Zico, Scooter Brown, and Ryosuke Imai attended as special producers, while Pidoc, Son Sung-deuk, Inoue Sakura, and Somagenda were also mentors of “&Audition – The Howling.”

On this day, the 15 members showed off their skills they had accumulated through the last ‘New Song Mission’. After all the stages, the long-awaited debut lineup was announced. The first member to be announced was Joe. As a trainee who showed remarkable skill growth, he said, “I am happy to take the first step as a global artist. Please continue to support us in the future.” The second was Harua, who was also a hot topic in Korea with his visuals. Harua revealed his aspirations, saying, “From now on, the 9 members will work together with the goal of reaching the top.” Next, Maki with a refreshing tone and Yuuma, who excelled in performance, were announced as the official members of the debut group.

The last member was Fuuma. He, who stood out in leadership and choreography creation, shed tears of joy, saying, “Today is the happiest day.” Kei, Nicholas, Uiju, and Taki, who were the confirmed debut groups from ‘I-LAND’, also shared their feelings, shed tears and shared a warm hug. ENHYPEN said, “I hope to communicate with you through wonderful music and stages in the future.”

HYBE’s chairman Bang Si-hyuk said: “HYBE Labels Japan’s boy group is called &TEAM. As of today, &TEAM will grow into a group that can impress global fans through music and stage. I will also support the group for a successful debut and continuous growth.”

Meanwhile, the mission songs ‘Melody’ and ‘Running with the pack’ released in ‘&Audition – The Howling – Final Round’ can be enjoyed through major music streaming sites around the world.

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